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Dominion Survey

Dominion Survey is the first part of the larger academic project based around the concept of Dominion. This site entailed a survey of ten questions, as well as an explanation of the proejct's scope and objectives and some information on the researcher conducting the study. As the survey has run its course, the site is now deactivated at the request of the researcher.

I was tasked in this project to handle mockup to markup.


The site is held together using the excellent 960 Grid System, which was written by Nathan Smith.

The survey of the site was constructed using Google Docs to collect and import the data into a spreadsheet.

Some of the icons used on the site come from Drew Wilson's Pictos.


A simple, understated title was needed and Meta fit the bill in all-caps.

I like Tisa a lot because it really only hints towards academia instead of beating you over the head with it.


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

The process on this small project was very straightforward. The client approached me with a large portion of the HTML already composed and simply needed a style for it. The nav was the first thing mocked up and the rest flowed from there.