a creative venture in oklahoma city, oklahoma

Bradi Wells

Bradi is a professional photographer based out of Oklahoma City. This is the second major release of her site, spawned by her request for a blog. In addition, she had been flip-flopping between the desire for a dark background for photos and the overall airy, appealing nature of a lighter website. And so it was, a realignment.

Realignment is healthy and often necessary to achieve the intended goals of the website. With the new look, both of her desired attributes are incorporated as the site employs a dark scheme for her portfolio and a light scheme for her blog.

Guiding Principles

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Portfolio section of the site is built with Stacey, a lightweight .txt file driven CMS.

The blog portion is constructed with Wordpress. Wordpress is wordpress.

The body text is served up via Typekit.


Caecilia is used as her main wordmark. Its intricacies are better served in a smaller size, so it fit nicely with the site.

You know, it's not Helvetica.


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

In order to maintain the same visual identity, the colors are very nearly inverted and the same grid system is used for content layout.

UPDATE: Ultimately Bradi decided to go all-in with a light background, so the images here are not representative of the site as it currently sits.