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Arrowtech Hosting

Arrowtech Hosting is a web hosting company that’s been around since 1998. Unfortunately, their website and identity kind of looked like a company that’s been around since 1998. As they’ve been my go-to hosting company for a long time now, I offered to give them a hand revamping their look. The first stage of this is the identity, with a new website launching very soon (screen above is actual markup, we’re just sorting things out on the backend right now).


Icons on the site are from a vector set of Drew Wilson's Pictos.

The site is held together using the always wonderful 960 Grid System, which was written by Nathan Smith.

Arrowtech Hosting graciously self-hosted..


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

There were a number of iterations this design went through, from color schemes to logos. The grayscale theme worked very well with Arrowtech's objectives with a new site, and the blue highlights hearkened ever so slighly back to their roots.


For the main wordmark, the sexy workhorse Klavika was chosen. It has an understated, tech feel, without edging into sci-fi.

Miso is a fantastic free typeface, that works well as a companion to the sharper Klavika. It’s soft, rounded strokes, yet clear legibility give it a blueprint-esque feel..

Lovely companion to the above; Proxima Nova has personality without getting in the way of content.